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No Matter What, Keep Pushing

Never believe that you have to stay in an environment that is unhealthy to you because you feel like you are stuck. God disguises angels in the form of people, messages, etc. I was in an environment that I felt a strong urge to leave because I was losing my motivation and wasn't feel like I was being helped to grow. I received a message on my Instagram from a coach and I got out of my environment and found more motivation than ever. I'm currently doing football and track at the University. I didn't hesitate to pursue the offer because it was a definitely a sign of Gods calling. I was in need of help and he sent an angel to pull me out. I hope my message continues to help those who have been in similar shoes as I have and those who need the motivation. No matter what, you got to keep pushing for what you want in this life. But like always, it's grind time! -10 mph on underwater treadmill Song: Push It Artist: Rick Ross

Posted by Devonte Wilson on Tuesday, March 14, 2017